Thursday, October 25, 2007

Steelers vs. Broncos

“Broncos Turn Table on Steelers, Hit Last-Second Kick” from

This article is about the Broncos playing the Steelers on Sunday night. Well believe it or not I am a Steelers fan. But I do like the Broncos unless they are play the Steelers. And I did go to the game, which was so cool regardless of the score. But I do have to say that the Broncos are very blessed to have a kicker like Jason Elam. Because if not the Broncos would probably be oh and six. But of course I am a Steelers fan so my say on the matter is a little biased. Something I don’t like is when something like the score of the game is so close and news paper headlines say “Broncos kill Steelers” or something like that. I saw a headline like that Monday morning and thought to myself, “The Broncos didn’t kill the Steelers they made a kick in the last two seconds of the game.” And there was a good chance that the Steelers would have won in overtime. Not to say that the Broncos didn’t play a good game they did they just didn’t kill the Steelers. Maybe they did in the first half but the Steelers were the team of the second half. I do wonder if anybody else recognized that the headlines? I am sure the Steelers fans did but did any Broncos fan notice the headline and say, “We did not kill the Steelers we won just like we won our other three games.” Or did the fans just say, “Ya, we killed the Steelers thirty-one to twenty- eight.”

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