Thursday, October 4, 2007

Respect for the Soldiers

“Memorial Service Honors an Old Soldier” by Rocky Mountain News

In this article Brig. Gen. Felix Sparks was buried after being in-service for the army since World War Two. And was buried with a twenty-one gun salute, multiple songs, and of cross tears.

I chose this article because I don’t think that America is really realizes just what soldiers do in war. Sure, they know it’s bad. But they don’t really consider what all happens. I don’t even understand it fully. But I try to at least respect what the soldiers go through. I don’t think many kids do this and they should. Sure you could watch movies on it but movies like “Saving Private Ryan”, “Flags of our Fathers” can only go so far. I don’t believe that anyone who hasn’t gone through war stops to think about what it would be like to have someone killed two feet away from you. We as America don’t always give the soldiers the credit they deserve and have earned. Some do yes but the main problem, a lot of the time, is the media. They seem to only give the negative side of the war. They say that the Iraqis don’t want us there. But then I hear how the story is reveres and that the Iraqis are very grateful. These soldiers go out and risk their lives for us and we (not all of us) are ungrateful for it. Now I don’t think war is some game and that everyone should like it. But we can at least respect those who defend us from our enemies. Is America really that ungrateful towards soldiers or is it just the people who disagree with the war and don’t know where to take out there frustration on? I think it is just a few people who can voice their opinions loudly. I do not think it is all of America but just a few people. And it seems they are the only people you ever hear of. Now I wish we weren’t in war but it is what it is and we should be giving the soldiers a lot more respect than they deserve.

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