Thursday, October 11, 2007

A good Question.

“Bill Richardson 08 Education Question” from the Ficshbowl

In this article Karl Fisch was asked to participate in a conference call with Governor Bill Richardson. “It did not feel like much of a conversation.” states Mr. Fisch he was also flustered did not get his questioned asked or answered. That is why he posted this article on the Fischbowl. The questioned or one of the main questions was “Are we doing the right thing in the first place”; of course this was regarding education and teaching. But it can be expanded on.

I think that is a great questioned because of all the different ways to apply it to our world. These ways consist of teaching, playing sport (the list could keep going on and on). The teaching aspect of this questioned is: Am I teaching the right level of curriculum? Does the class know more than what I have been teaching? And vice-versa: Am I teaching things that are too advanced for the class? This relates to me in sports: Am I doing the right assignment? Am I making a good tackle? (or) Am I making a good golf swing? And those are just a few examples I could use. There are way too many to write about. Or a student asking if he/she is doing the right thing on an assignment or math problem for example. People should care because everyone tries to make the right choice. It helps me to ask myself questions on what I am not doing the right thing and then trying to improve on it. This helps me in football when I keep getting block I ask myself why and then try to improve myself in that area. This is a great question to help someone with a problem they are facing.

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