Thursday, October 11, 2007

Did You Know is World Wide.

“Teacher’s little Project goes Big” from Rocky Mountain News.

This article is about an Arapahoe High School teacher, Karl Fisch. Mr. Fisch made a power point to show other teacher, at Arapahoe, about technology updates. The power point “Did You Know” has now hit global scale. When winter came around, after he came out with the presentation in August 2006, fifty thousand to one hundred thousand teacher or other educators had seen it. The presentation is about technologic facts from around the world.

This article applies to me because knowing what is going on in our world is very important. Just like my class room theme of what matters, “did you know” is just as important. Knowing what is happening around helps me know how to deal with different issues. In football if I don’t know what is going around me then I either miss my assignment or get hit really hard. But when I know what is going on during a play or what is going to happen then I will be able to do my assignment and hopefully make the play. It is the same thing in the world. At a person’s job if the person doesn’t know what is happening then they can’t do their job very well and end up losing their jobs. Another example is watching the weather on the news, if I know what the weather will be like then I know how to make plans or pack for a trip. It makes me wonder: Do most people know what is going on around them or are they totally oblivious to their surroundings? How many adults pay attention to the news? Knowing what happens around you plays a very important role in everyday life, from the class rooms to the news to technology.

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