Tuesday, October 23, 2007

PLN Presentations

“Personal Learning Networks” from the Fischbowl

Here we are again with the Personal Learning Networks. This article by Mr. Ficsh talks about the PLN’s (Personal Learning Networks) being presented in classes. Some teachers that are doing this are Anne Smith and Jessie Comp.

PLN’s are really important in the classroom. Not only are they a great way to use the class theme (what matters) but all so to improve on the students writing. I know as a student my least favorite thing to do was write; mainly because I am not that good at it. But now, because of the PLN’s, I am getting a lot better at writing, if I do say so myself. But then to make a student to present this PLN in a classroom just pushes us even further. The PLN’s challenges students to not only write good blogs but also present them in front of their pers. And make a good presentation. Good presentations usually are ones that get the class talking, also when the presenter is well versed and speaks clearly. People should care because these presentations will help a student’s writing skills as well as their public speaking abilities. Public speaking is a big thing because students will have to do this the rest of their lives. So why not start now it will only get harder if a student doesn’t. Students may have to do presentations in later jobs or in large crowds and if the student doesn’t start learning now it will be hard to catch up. And then even harder to get certain jobs. Do you think students should do presentations in class? Why?

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