Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shanghia, China can really build.

“Shift Happens Statistic of the Day” posted on the Fishbowl.

This article, posted on the Fishbowl, is about Shanghia, China. The city is building a thirty story (or more) building in a matter of twelve days for the past six years. It has more skyscrapers than the entire United States’ west coast.

That is really fast. How do you build a skyscraper in twelve days? I know China has a very large population but still that is just fast. This matter to me because I always thought that America was the best nation for skyscrapers and that it is in the lead of that category, out of the entire world. But then Shanghia just literally pops up in the last six years that is amazing. People should care because one city in China has more skyscrapers than the U.S.’s west coast? Is that a bad thing though? I mean China must be spending a lot of money on these buildings; maybe the U.S. is spending it elsewhere. Even though this blog article is small it makes a big impact. To build a building in less than two weeks is fast. It’s like building the twin towers in roughly twenty-four days, which is less than a month. Is building a thirty story building in twelve days fast or is that the average these days? And can the U.S. do this or is it because of the population in China that makes them build so fast?


Karl Fisch said...

Hey. They aren't building the skyscraper in 12 days, they are simply finishing one on average every 12 days.

Harris_Dubya said...

Simply stated the problem is not that they are increasing their square footage vertically its whats going into those buildings that I think is the issue.

Industry has shifted from the once wealthy, United States to the economically prospering Asian continent.

The ramifications have not yet been felt to the fullest extent, but with the ever lowering value of USD. Whose to say we wont one day be the outsourcing central for industry based in other countries?